The Neighbourhoods of Curacao: Cas Abou

11 december 2022
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The Neighbourhoods of Curacao: Cas Abou

Welcome to Cas Abou – one of the most stunning and beautiful neighbourhoods on the Caribbean island of Curacao! With its breathtaking views of the crystal blue Caribbean Sea, its close proximity of the lush green nature reserve Christoffelberg, and one of the best beaches of Curacao on your doorstep, it is no surprise that house owners here are eager to show off their lovely homes. There are still some lots empty, and sometimes we have some lots on Cas Abou for sale as well. If you ever wanted to build your dream home where location, location, location is key; this is your chance.

The real estate market in Cas Abou is booming with houses for sale in Curacao being snapped up quickly by house hunters from around the globe. Whether you are looking for a spacious family home or an intimate vacation spot, there is something for everyone in this neighbourhood. You can find Hacienda style villa’s offering spectacular ocean views or design villas with infinity pools. Located at the southern tip of the Caribbean, Curacao offers stunning beaches and a tropical paradise.

Landhuis Cas Abou

The Cas Abou Manor ( Landhuis Cas Abou), the 17th century manor house that is located at the entrance of the road to the Cas Abou residential area, has two nicknames – Engelenberg and Zegening. It was once owned by Willebrord van Engelen who also had a second plantation on Curaçao called Plantage Van Engelen. Agriculture and salt production were carried out on this 400-hectare estate.  The remaining salt pans have now gone dry but remain as silent reminders of long lost times.

Cas Abou Beach

Cas Abou is the most beautiful beach on Curacao, but even worldwide it is acknowledged by National Geographic for its beauty.  There are lots of palapa’s and sunbeds available for a small fee. On the beach you will find an open air massage shop,  divingshop, and a simple restaurant.  The friendly beach managers will make you feel right at home.

Are you looking for a house to buy on Cas Abou? Check this section or contact us for silent sales.

Location of Cas Abou

Cas Abou curacao, buy house cas abou, real estate agent cas abou curacao, international fine living

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