De real estate agency of Curacao tells: The best watersports on Curaçao

11 juli 2022
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The real estate agency of Curacao tells: The best water sports on Curaçao


Kitesurfing is becoming increasingly popular on Curaçao. There are several places that are very suitable for kitesurfing, including Sint Joris Bay. Lessons are also given here and it is possible to rent equipment at the local kitesurfing school. For those who can already kitesurf, a trip to Klein Curacao is an absolute must.   


Curaçao is perfect for windsurfing. This is due to the almost always present trade winds. Because the temperatures on Curaçao are always nice and warm you don’t have to worry if you fall off your board. The locations where you can windsurf are the Spanish water and the Sint Joris bay. / 


At Zapata Flyboard Caribbean you can fly above the water and dive like a dolphin. In Fly boarding, the flyboard is connected by a long, thin hose to a watercraft (jet ski). The jet ski provides the necessary water pressure through which the flyboarder rises out of the water, reaching a height of more than sixteen meters! Speeds of more than forty kilometers per hour can be reached. At such a moment the adrenaline races through your body. 


The most popular spot for wakeboarding on Curaçao, is the Spanish Water. And the reason for that is very simple. The conditions here are perfect! The Spanish Water is a lake, shielded from the open sea. Therefore, the water is generally quite flat and calm. This allows the instructor to use his boat to create the waves that suit the level of the person on the board. Ideal for beginners and experienced boarders. 

Golf surfing

Playa Kanoa is the perfect place for wave surfing. This location has high, fast and short waves and therefore is only suitable for experienced wave surfers. If you go surfing at Playa Kanoa, it is wise to wear water shoes because there are sharp pieces of coral and sea urchins on the seabed. Between 11:00 and 15:00 is the best time to go on the water at Playa Kanoa!

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