THE REAL ESTATE AGENT OF CURACAO TELLS: have your property photographed what should I do?

6 november 2022

THE REAL ESTATE AGENT OF CURACAO TELLS: have your property photographed what should I do?

Prepare your house for listing photos

How do you best prepare your house for listing photos? A photoshoot of high quality is essential to market your property well. In most cases, potential buyers start their property search online. The first impression they get from the photos is therefore very important. Does it look messy? Then they are more likely to click through to the next property. A good-looking photoshoot is significant for attracting potential buyers to view your property. 

It is important that the potential buyer can imagine that he/ she is in the room, without getting the feeling that they are visiting your house. By putting away personal items, you can encourage this feeling and create as much space and calmness as possible. Go through the checklist carefully to make sure your house is photo-ready. In this way, the spaces in the photos will be presented in the most beautiful and attractive way for optimal results. 

The photo presentation starts often with the outside of the property. The following tips are important:  

– Create an open view; prune hedges, trees and bushes if necessary

– Remove cars from the driveway and close garage doors 

– Remove trash cans 

– Spruce up your lawn; trim if necessary 

– Remove loose leaves and dead branches from the garden; clear any dark spots with the high-pressure sprayer 

– Put away garden tools and toys; remove visible water hoses

– Tide up the pillows on the lounge sets 

– Make sure the water in the pool is clear, make the sunbeds nicely with a towel and unfold the umbrellas 


The inside of the house:  

– Put away all personal items (such as photos) and cleaning products 

– Let in as much light as possible; open curtains/blinds and turn on all lights 

– Hide paperwork and electronic items such as cords, remote controls, chargers, video games, etc. 

– Clean windows, vacuum and mop all floors

– Remove all signs of pets 

– Remove the waste bins 

– Remove coats from the coat rack; the hallway looks more spacious when the coat rack is empty 


The kitchen: 

– Keep the kitchen countertop as free of objects as possible 

(draining racks, tea towels, hand soap bottles, dishcloths, etc.).  

– Remove magnets, photos, calendars, etc. 



– Remove all towels, shampoos and soap

– Clean mirror

– Toilet seat down and lids closed


The bedroom(s): 

– It is attractive if the bed looks fine and inviting; make the bed sleek and use a nice bedspread and pillows 

– Remove everything on the bedside tables, except night lights 

– Remove loose clothing 

– With teenage bedrooms, there are sometimes decorations that fit the child’s personality. It is good to put these away to make the room appear more generic and neutral 



– It is always nice to brighten up the room with a small decoration such as a vase of flowers, or a bowl of fresh fruit. 


We are ready, are you? 

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